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While future funding cannot be guaranteed, the avenues of financial support for Chinati Ixtlan Cultural & Land Conservancy are—like the services offered—numerous and varied.


Adapting the commercial success of nearby Chinati Hot Springs, the Conservancy will provide camping and hiking excursions for individuals or groups wishing to experience the natural beauty of the Chinati Mountains and Rio Grande River Basin. Astronomers, whether professional or amateur, will become a targeted community for eco-tourism since the night skies in the region are considered some of the most pristine in North America.

Fund Raising

Over and above money earned through eco-tourism, donations are generated through crowd-funding and other ongoing publicity campaigns both off- and online. Through these efforts, the Chinati Ixtlan Cultural & Land Conservancy site is self-sustaining and ongoing infra-structure costs covered.

Endowments and Grant Awards

In addition to each program’s potential sliding scale, fee-for-services and third party subsidies for client training sessions, grants and endowments are sought for program growth and expansion. A 2013 Honor the Earth grant of $3,000 USD was awarded the Conservancy to pay a portion of non-profit startup costs. Also in 2014 the Paul Moler Family of College Station, TX gave a grant of $5, 000 USD in order to make onsite improvement to the land. In 2016, a grant proposal was submitted to the National Park Foundation (NPF) in order to participate in NPF’s Board Training and put in place onsite hiking trails, botanical, geological and historic markers.

Most noteworthy, after years of planning, private land owners in the LaJunta Region gifted the Chinati Ixltan Cultural & Land Conservancy with 100 acres worth $ 75,000 USD. The pledge was made to transfer property to the Conservancy in 2014 and the contract making the endowment official was signed in 2015.

Through the avenues listed above, Chinati Ixtlan Cultural & Land Conservancy continues to raise monies and garner resources in order to:

• Improve the land while ensuring environmental and historic integrity
• Develop and maintain onsite educational programs that serve native peoples
• Initiate a center that serves as an experiential or ‘living’ cultural exchange

You can read more about CICLC’s development priorities here.